Congress, Pentagon Goes Boo! With UFOs


As FDR said, “In politics, nothing happens by accident.” So it’s no accident that the Pentagon has been tasked with delivering its report on its UAP/UFO investigation to congress by October 31, thus tying UFO Disclosure to Halloween.

If Disclosure that UFO/UAP are extraterrestrial craft happens on or around Halloween – and writer/producer Bryce Zabel thinks it will – it would also be an obvious reference to the infamous 1938 Orson Welles War of the Worlds radio broadcast.

War of the Worlds was a radio play made to sound like a newscast. If you missed the disclaimer at the beginning, breaking news that Martian invaders were attacking New Jersey was pretty terrifying. Some people freaked out. There was panic in the streets.

Hysteria caused by the War of the Worlds broadcast has long been the benchmark for the question of whether or not the public can handle the truth about UFOs and ETs.

So, Halloween with UFOs and aliens? The symbolism is obvious. The message is clear: UFOs = scary.

It’s a troubling sign in the context of Steven Greer’s warning about the alien false flag attack operation that military-industrial complex whistleblowers have warned him about.

“Part of this disclosure plan involves the use of UFO look-alike devices made by humans in an attack on Earth or military assets of Earth. This would be a well-orchestrated use of advanced human technologies to hoax an ET attack- all for the purpose of disclosing the truth with the desired military-oriented spin. In such a scenario, most of humanity will be deceived into believing the threat from space has arrived – and that we must fight it at all costs. This is nothing more than long-term social security for the military-industrial complex,” wrote Greer in his paper When Disclosure Serves Secrecy.

Hard to picture, but here we are on the verge of Disclosure in the context of ‘national security’ (it’s not the Russians or the Chinese. Wink, wink) and its Halloween. Scary stuff.