It’s been a month now and we’re still waiting for the ODNI to release it’s UFO/UAP report, legally mandated by October 31, 2022. Apparently a classified version was delivered to “the Armed Services, Appropriations, Foreign Affairs or Relations, and Intelligence committees of the House and Senate,” according to The Daily Mail.

There was no unclassified version made public on Halloween, but puzzle pieces began to emerge via anonymous sources in the New York Times on October 28. Judging by the tidbits that have been leaked, it’s looking less and less like Disclosure as a set-up for an alien invasion hoax and more and more like another extension of the UFO cover-up.

According to the Times, the ODNI report claims that most recent UFO/UAP sightings can be explained by Chinese drones, weather balloons and other “flying trash.” Uh, what? They can’t be serious can they? Flying trash? Who cares about that? What about those Navy videos? They can’t ignore those or write them off as balloons and other crap again can they? Well no, they can’t, and that seems to be the problem for the ODNI.

Anonymous sources in The Daily Mail article make it clear just how problematic the videos are. “Yeah, there’s balloons up there, and balloons are sometimes mistaken for UAP. But there are s***loads of classified videos that are pretty profound and pretty clear. They don’t want to talk about this stuff, because they really, really don’t know what the hell they are. That’s the truth.”

This particular group of investigators really may not know what they are, but others seem suspiciously sure about what they aren’t. According to the Times, “Other officials insist that even though the evidence is imperfect, the grainy videos do not show space aliens.”

Really? “Grainy videos?” That’s what poker players call a “tell.” Another such tell can be found in a New York Post report, which stated, “The Pentagon said in May that a particular, declassified incident involved what looked like flying triangles but were actually ordinary drones distorted by night vision.”

Really? Distorted by night vision? Night vision doesn’t distort light. It amplifies it. If night vision made ordinary drones look like gravity-defying pyramids it would have been of no use on the battlefield.

These are not signs that the public is being prepared for the big Disclosure. These are signs that the cover-up crowd is winning the war behind the scenes. This is a war that’s been raging since the 50s. The first civilian UFO investigator, retired Major Donald Keyhoe, used to call it the Censor Fighters versus the Silence Group. Keyhoe wrote about the cover-up as it unfolded in real time. You can read about it in his 1954 book, The Flying Saucer Conspiracy.

Back in Keyhoe’s day, it was UFO reports declassified by the censor fighters within the system that caused the silence group so much heartache. These days it’s declassified videos, which are much harder to ignore or mischaracterize, although that hasn’t stopped them from trying by saying things like night vision distorts light.

Who knows what weather balloon-type explanations the Pentagon would pull out of its collective ass for some of the classified videos allegedly associated with the report. One video is said to show a UFO diving into the ocean without making a splash, which was very similar to another sighting captured on video in 2013 in which the object emerges from the water and splits in two before disappearing.

One might hold out hope that the classified version of the ODNI UAP/UFO report submitted to congress would be less misleading and more substantive, but apparently not. According to Rep. James Burchett of Tennessee, the report was heavily redacted, leading him to conclude that, “The cover-up will continue.” Burchett said the people in power still think the average person is too “stupid” to handle the truth about the extraterrestrial presence. Making matters even worse, Burchett told The Sun that most congressmen don’t want the truth about UFOs to come out.

So here we are, it appears UFO Disclosure has been put on hold indefinitely yet again.