Congress has been holding hearings and receiving classified briefings on UFOs, but so far, not much has come from it despite the testimony of intelligence officials like whistleblower David Grusch, who told congress that off-world craft that have crashed and been recovered by governmental entities have often been found to contain dead extraterrestrial pilots.

As a result of the testimony from Grusch, former Navy fighter pilot Ryan Graves, retired Cmdr. David Fravor and others, the Senate passed the Intelligence Authorization Act for 2024 which includes strong whistleblower protection for UFO/UAP witnesses and mandates that anyone within the government/private contractor paradigm in possession of extraterrestrial technology turn it over to the Pentagon’s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution office for analysis within six months.

Despite the official edict, it’s hard to imagine the PTB out at Area 51 swinging open its mountainside hangars for anyone – or Lockheed Skunkworks – or any other of the government/private contractors that are alleged to house extraterrestrial spacecraft and/or artifacts.

The primary reason it’s difficult to imagine that the rogue Top Secret UFO operation (MJ-12 and its offshoots) originally set in motion by Truman will relent is that it has become, as historian Richard Dolan calls it, a “breakaway civilization.”

Despite its legislative posturing there’s literally nothing congress can do to make this breakaway group comply. In a Coast to Coast AM radio interview on June 30, 2019 Dr. Steven Greer told about a briefing he’d had in the Pentagon with an Admiral who’d been denied access to what’s known as an Unacknowledged Secret Access Program (USAP) involving UFO crash retrievals and reverse engineering programs that led to the development of the ‘Alien Reproduction Vehicle’ (ARV), a reverse-engineered alien spacecraft.

According to Greer, the Admiral said that if this group had such technology it was “game over” because the best technology he had under his command was the B2 Stealth Bomber.

What this means is that the elected US government has no enforcement mechanism against this breakaway civilization with its ARV Air Force. What this means is that further efforts to challenge this group will likely trigger Greer’s false flag attack.

Whistleblower Grusch has testified before congress that he knows exactly where these retrieved ET vehicles are kept. If he has testified to such in classified settings he may inadvertently have set in motion the dominoes that will result in the alien false flag attack. Or not- who knows?

It may be that real UFO Disclosure is impossible, at least until…

As RCH would say, stay tuned.