The Russian invasion of Ukraine is the most vile, disgusting, nauseating thing I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s not a war. Putin’s right about that. It shouldn’t be called a war. It’s mass murder. Plain and simple. One Ukrainian broadcasting from his basement compared it to a mall shooting that never ends.

Like a zombie outbreak in a George Romero film, this “special military operation” looks like it could overrun the whole world. It’s looking a lot like WWIII. The U.S. and its NATO allies are arming the Ukrainians with billions of dollars of weapons – and, as champagne corks pop in boardrooms all across the military-industrial complex (see War is a Racket) – Putin threatens to use nuclear weapons.

Some context: Since the fall of the Soviet Union, NATO has made its way to Russia’s borders despite assurances from the West that it wouldn’t and Putin is a homicidal maniac with his finger on the button. So things don’t look too good right now…

The “no fly zone” reporting from Ukraine is fraught. I have friends and neighbors in hand-wringing mode, but I don’t worry about nuclear Armageddon.

Here’s why: First, there’s a lot of evidence that the greater galactic community has installed a planetary defense system here on Earth, somewhat similar to Reagan’s SDI, but much more robust.

Starting with Roswell, the only nuclear enabled bomber squadron at the time, and continuing all through the modern UFO era, the forces behind the phenomenon have demonstrated deep concern about our nuclear activities.

Multiple military-industrial complex insider witnesses report that UFOs have repeatedly shown that they can knock nuclear weapons offline into no-go mode when they appear over nuclear missile silos. They’ve also displayed the ability to intercept and neutralize ballistic missiles in flight.

In fact, Disclosure Project witness Dan Salter, a former Air Force officer and NRO operative, is on record saying that ETs from Orion flat-out told us to stop testing nuclear weapons and warned us that they will not allow us to destroy the planet.

So there’s that. Second, there’s nothing I can do about it anyway. So I don’t worry.

What does keep me up at night is the evil being done to the Ukrainian people. We have to stop this mass murder, nukes be damned. If they fly I think there’d be a one helluvan intervention. It’d be instant UFO/UAP Disclosure.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, former head of the KGB surely knows all this, which means he’s bluffing about the nukes… bombs away!