Vlad has declared that his “special military operation” in Ukraine will be victorious by May 9th, known as victory day in Russia, the day that Nazi Germany surrendered to Soviet forces. That’s today- as I post this.

Victory day aside, May 9th has further significance for Putin and the country he turned into a gas station as the late Senator John McCain famously observed.

On May 9th it will be 21 years since Dr. Steven Greer led a group of military-industrial complex whistleblowers to the podium at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., kicking the Disclosure process, as former Pentagon counterintelligence officer Lue Elizondo calls it, into high gear.

As Greer is fond of pointing out, ET craft don’t run on gas. One of the reasons that the PTB deny UFO reality is that there’s a lot of wealth in the oil they own that would become worthless in the wake of an alternative energy source. So, for Putin’s gas station, Disclosure may be an existential threat.

Now that the U.S. has been forced to admit that UFOs are real by the Navy, Putin may be desperate to change the subject, just like W’s administration and their Saudi friends were after the May 9th, 2001 press conference. 9/11 did the trick back then. Maybe Putin thinks his “special military operation” will do it now?

Maybe the reason he’s willing to threaten nuclear war is because UFO/UAP Disclosure is an existential threat to his gas station. Maybe he’d rather take the rest of us with him if he can’t reconstitute the Soviet Union? Maybe.

Like I said in the previous post, it’s a bluff. He can’t. There’s an ET version of Reagan’s SDI in place, put into place to prevent nuclear Armageddon. But I think he would if he could. That’s what I think about Vlad.