I’m starting to get really afraid for the human race here on Earth.

One of the possible outcomes of our local, technological Singularity is that we don’t make it. Along the way, we somehow Ice-9 ourselves or build AI terminators that take us out. Either way, we go the way of the dinosaur, taking a large part of the biosphere with us, leaving behind a decaying, toxic, plasticized mess.

It looks like were pretty far along that path. It looks like we’re where the zombie apocalypse was at the opening of Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. It feels like civilization is starting to unravel, a descent into mass insanity.

Like in the movie, a virus seems to have been the catalyst. Two years of social isolation and hysterical stupidity over simple public health measures seems to have turned up the insanity level beyond critical mass.

The supply chain problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic may just be the first sign. It seems we’re now facing a global famine by the end of the year thanks to Vlad’s special military madness in Ukraine, which produces a large chunk of the world’s food supply.

I think widespread mass murder is also a very bad sign. In Ukraine- and in this country. In Ukraine, you have the more traditional, legally sanctioned murder, known as war, no matter what Vlad calls it. In this country it’s just pure madness. Hey let’s let anyone, including seriously disturbed kids, have access to weapons of war and see what happens. Now you have to worry about dropping your kids off at school and getting your head blown off trying to buy a loaf of bread.

Then there’s the legions of people in this country threatening civil war based on the evidence-free claim that the last election was fraudulent. It’s like the Salem Witch trials on steroids.

During the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol, this crowd was going to hang the Vice President because of fake evidence (evidence that doesn’t actually exist despite fantastical claims to the contrary), which is why the former president lost in court after he lost at the ballot box. The MAGA crowd just can’t accept it. Their suspicions and fake evidence are enough for them.

This same crowd rejects an actual mountain of evidence that burning fossil fuels is an imminent existential threat- that may soon kill us all. This same crowd is especially vulnerable to the alleged ET false flag attack plot warned about by Steven Greer.

They want to build a wall to prevent illegal aliens (black and brown people) from entering the country. How will they react if the government tells them they are being invaded by grey alien abductionists?!! What will they do if the former president tells them these grays are illegal invaders from another planet, who are rapists and murderers?

They will line up for their alien plasma ray vaporizers and provide the military-industrial complex with all the cannon fodder it needs to stage it’s next forever war.

I can’t help but be reminded of the cryptic statement Betty Andreasson’s ET contacts made to her at one point during her experiences. “Children of the Northern peoples, you wander in impenetrable darkness. Your mother mourns.” And I can’t think of a better way to describe a zombie civilization than “wander in impenetrable darkness.”

Unfortunately, it seems to me it’s more likely our civilization will collapse back into the Stone Age once again, rather than transcend the Singularity, once and for all…

I hope I’m wrong, but it doesn’t look good…