A couple weeks ago, a House intelligence committee held public hearings on the UFO phenomenon for the first time in over 50 years, and pretended – in front of the entire country – that it didn’t know that UFOs weren’t Russian or Chinese.

After the public dog and pony show was over, there was a classified hearing that surely wasn’t about any known terrestrial foreign power, Russians, Chinese or otherwise…

According to a new book cleared for public release by the U.S. Department of Defense called Skinwalkers at the Pentagon, investigators working for the Pentagon’s secret UFO investigation (Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program) concluded the so-called Tic Tac UFO did not belong to any nation on Earth. In 2009.

As noted in previous posts, this wasn’t the first time intelligence analysts reached this conclusion. Way back in 1948, both U.S. and Swedish analysts concluded that UFOs had to be otherworldly.

So does this mean the government’s about to admit what most people suspect- that we’re being visited by aliens? Maybe. But I don’t think that’s actually what’s going on here. It’s much bigger than that- much, much bigger.

Yes, some UFOs are extraterrestrial, but they’re not visiting. It’s not like the government’s going to announce, “Hey everybody! We’re not alone in the Universe! Some aliens from Zeta Reticuli just dropped by to introduce themselves.” No, I don’t think that’s it.

I don’t think we’re being visited by aliens. That’s just the way things appear. Whoever or whatever it is has always been here, we just weren’t aware of it, and even though it’s extraterrestrial, it isn’t completely alien, because all life in the Galaxy is related.

What’s really happening is that we are in the process of discovering that our world is embedded within a much larger, much more advanced, galactic civilization that we’re just beginning to detect via ever evolving technology.

This galactic, post-Singularity civilization has been here all along; we’ve just been too primitive to perceive it, but we can detect it now, like the Navy did when it upgraded its radar systems. Like Homeland Security has been doing along our southern border with its advanced surveillance systems put in place to deter illegal immigration and smuggling. We can see it now, like we do in the videos released by the Pentagon.

If we were just experiencing a science expedition from another planet, Disclosure would be no big deal at this point. But it’s much, much bigger than that. There’s an entirely different Universe out there than we thought there was.

Once again.