The Singularity: Once a civilization develops computing it’s on the fast track to a transcendent evolutionary event that has become known as the technological Singularity. Computing power doubles roughly every two years, speeding us faster and faster towards a singular point in time when artificial intelligence exceeds human intelligence. Futurists like Ray Kurzweil, Director of Engineering at Google, say that no one knows what this new civilization will be like, hence the name, borrowed from the point inside a black hole where matter disappears from the Universe. No one knows what happens to it after that. Similarly, futurists believe no one knows what civilization will be like after the Singularity, but they’re wrong.

Post-Singularity Civilization: UFO witnesses and so-called alien abductees have seen and experienced what this world is like. The world they describe includes direct mind-to-mind communication, free energy, field propulsion, interstellar migration, out-of-body travel and the holy grail of immortality, all made possible by wondrous and magical technology. Futurists imagine we will be the first to achieve such god-like powers, but the day after the Singularity the unacknowledged will no longer be deniable and we will discover that we are part of this ‘post-Singularity’ civilization that occupies the Milky Way Galaxy.

The post-Singularity Blog: Here you’ll find the latest on UFO Disclosure, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, the technological Singularity and the post-Singularity world, a place where the rate of technological advancement explodes like a starship making the jump into hyperspace. Welcome to the post-Singularity blog!

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  1. Hi Christine Em, thanks for your comment. Maybe someday Spike Jonz will make a sequel about an OS you get to merge with? On to the Singularity! SSL 🙂

  2. Okay, I find it interesting that just yesterday Edward Snowden is saying there never have been ufo’s or alien encounters. Is this THE new coverup? Too much has happened in history for his comments to be true.

    On another note, I find the singularity that you write about somewhat frightening. I’m sorta imagining The Matrix. I don’t desire a bodyless eternity.

    • Hi Julie, Thanks for the great question! I saw the Snowden story. He didn’t actually say there were no UFOs or ETs. What he said was he couldn’t find any evidence that the government was hiding the existence of ETs in CIA and NSA databases. I find that hard to believe. The CIA must have information on its own 1952 Robertson panel UFO “study,” which recommended the government debunk UFOs. The Robertson panel episode is evidence of the UFO cover-up. So Snowden probably meant he found no smoking-gun type evidence that UFOs and ETs exist. That I can believe. That type of evidence would never be left on a computer network no matter how secure.

      The CIA has a long history with UFOs. Roscoe Hillenkoetter, the first CIA director sat on the board of NICAP, the civilian UFO investigation that refuted the Air Force’s claims that UFOs were nonsense. That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the CIA’s involvement with the UFO phenomenon. So Snowden must’ve found some UFO info. He gave the impression that he found nothing at all. That can’t be true. If he truly found bupkus that would be an incredible story given the CIA’s well-documented role in UFO history. SSL

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