For as long as I can remember, skeptics and debunkers have dismissed the UFO cover-up as a conspiracy theory. For them, it was a way to ridicule the UFO community and avoid talking about evidence and eyewitness testimony.

Those who took the bait would fire back that conspiracies did happen; that they don’t make laws against imaginary crimes; that such secrecy was possible and that the Manhattan Project was an example of a massive operation kept entirely secret right up until the bombs dropped. All good arguments, but I have a different take: The UFO cover-up is NOT a conspiracy theory. The UFO cover-up is the result of a policy of denial and the system of compartmented intelligence used by the military-industrial complex. Simple as that.


It all starts with denial. Why the denial? There are all sorts of reasons for denial. Some are simple and others are more complex. The simple explanation is that the best way to solve a problem that can’t be solved is to deny the problem exists. This is the explanation Corso gave in The Day After Roswell. There’s nothing the military can do about ET UFOs in our airspace, so no UFOs, no problem. Corso also said Roswell instantly became military intelligence. The technology recovered in the wreckage was quite obviously the most valuable commodity in the world to those assessing the situation. One of Corso’s primary jobs was to keep the Army’s Roswell parts out of Soviet hands. Another reason for secrecy. Another reason to deny. Then there are the big philosophical issues.


History shows that lesser civilizations don’t survive when they come into contact with more advanced civilizations. Most people are familiar with the fear that there will be a “War of the Worlds” mass panic if the truth that UFOs/UAPs are extraterrestrial craft becomes official. Fear that civilization would collapse under the threat of alien invasion has long been thought to be the primary reason for the cover-up in the UFO community going all the way back to the 1950s. This belief holds that the government’s secret UFO operations include a long-term program to acclimate the American people to the extraterrestrial presence in order to avoid such panic when the truth can no longer be concealed. But there’s even more to it than that. Some fear that contact with an advanced ET civilization is still a threat even if it is benevolent. No joke. The threat of even peaceful ET contact has been a thing since at least 1960. Back then, a Brookings Institute report commissioned by NASA warned that contact with advanced extraterrestrials might cause us to fall into a state of cultural malaise, especially the scientific community, which may find its most treasured theories diminished or disproved in the face of superior ET science. Einstein once said he expected that relativity would one day have to give way to a deeper theory, but I’m not sure he ever imagined what’s coming the day after Contact or The Day After the Singularity.


So there’s plenty of reasons for the policy of denial, which has been in place since at least 1947. Everything else flows from that, starting with the Top Secret Majestic-12 group charged with enacting the policy of denial.


It just so happens that alleged Majestic-12er Vannevar Bush, the Manhattan Project mastermind, was the guy who created and instituted the system of compartmented information used in military intelligence. The same ‘need to know’ system that enabled the military-industrial complex to keep the atomic bomb a secret until it was used on Japan, was used to enforce the policy of denial. There’s your conspiracy theory.


So as far as conspiracy theories go, there isn’t one. Just a systematic effort to deny a reality our civilization doesn’t yet know how to process. So, no conspiracy theory, no problem, right? Not exactly. At least, for some.


When unlikely Disclosure advocate, rock star Tom DeLong, began his campaign to convince the military-industrial complex establishment that it was in their best interests to come clean, his contacts chided him for his beliefs in so-called “conspiracy theories,” presumably referring to Majestic-12 and all that came after. On the fly, DeLong figured out he had to distance himself from the UFO cover-up narrative in order to engage with those who are currently handing UFO/UAP operations.


Every time DeLong referenced the UFO cover-up during his sales pitch to the various higher-ups in NASA, the military and the aerospace industry who are running the current operation, he was confronted with the familiar phrase, “I’m a skeptic.” DeLong correctly recognized the reflexive denials as a function of compartmented intelligence and his contacts confirmed his suspicions by citing their security oaths when he pressed them.


In order to make things work, both parties had to adopt a ‘don’t ask; don’t tell’ policy where DeLong pretended the cover-up was just a wacko conspiracy theory and the guys with the security clearances pretended it didn’t really all happen. Apparently, that arrangement worked, but the uncomfortable truth is there’s a lot more to institutional skepticism about the UFO cover-up than just security oaths.


If ‘they’ were ever to acknowledge the UFO cover-up and subsequent operations, they would be admitting to illegal, extra-constitutional activities. As Steve Greer noted at the original Disclosure Project press conference almost 20 years ago, these secret UFO operations known as Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAPs) that are completely outside government oversight are blatantly illegal. The security oaths obtained to support them are therefore null and void.


Apparently, DeLong’s disclosure dudes didn’t get that memo. Either that, or maybe they’re a little scared to come out from behind the classified curtain for fear of all the illegal acts committed under the rubric of the UFO cover-up. Yes, there have been many. From the destruction of public records like we saw with the Roswell Incident to the military’s own alien abductee abduction program to murder, have occurred in the course of the government’s secret UFO operations.


So Disclosure might be inevitable, it might even be in humanity’s best interests, but it might not be in these guy’s personal best interests, which is likely the last barrier to the Big D. This means general amnesty must come with Disclosure. Given the recent election results, presidential pardons are all the rage right now. Amnesty should be in vogue. DeLong’s disclosure dudes and everyone involved in the UFO cover-up/conspiracy theory/policy of denial – whatever you want to call it – have to get blanket pardons despite whatever illegal acts occurred during the UFO cover-up. Otherwise, we may face the false-flag alien invasion op that Greer warns about.


Ever since he became the leader of the Disclosure movement over two decades ago, Greer has been warning that when official disclosure comes it will serve the interests of the military-industrial complex and its UFO operations. To achieve these ends, official Disclosure will spin ETs as a hostile force. The new false narrative will give the defense industry a new enemy to build weapons against in perpetuity, until the end, which is apparently some sort of religious apocalypse. Yes, it’s as frightening as it sounds. According to Greer, some of the people running these UFO operations believe they are destined to fight a holy war in the heavens against demonic ETs.


This belief is wacked. As I’ve shown in The Day After the Singularity, ETs are here because they’re part of a post-Singularity civilization that has spread throughout the Galaxy, engineering life, here, there and everywhere, including Earth. We are part of this galactic civilization and our true destiny is continue the process of spreading life throughout the Cosmos if we are able to right the ship here on Earth in the wake of our own local Singularity. That’s a big If.


The really Big Problem is that the guys who drew up the original long-term strategy to deal with this situation almost a century ago had no way of knowing this was the deal and the guys running things now don’t seem to know either and so the policy is wildly anachronistic and inappropriate. Yet, here we go.


Greer points to DeLong and his group and says game-on and it’s hard to argue. I mean, I can argue with him about alien abduction, for example. He says they’re all faked by the military. I think that statement just isn’t supported by the totality of the evidence, which makes Greer’s case that the ET presence is benevolent a little more difficult to make, unless you understand it in the context of Post-Singularity Extraterrestrial Transmigration hypothesis (PSETH). Then the puzzle pieces fall into place and alien abduction contact comes into focus as exactly what a lot of the experiencers have said it is: a rescue and repair operation unimaginable to us. In this scenario, the fake alien abductions conducted by the military’s UFO operations are a counterintelligence operation, and only secondarily useful as evil alien propaganda.


I worked with Greer (very briefly) in documenting the August 4th, 2001 Disclosure Project press conference in Los Angeles and I know his approach to Disclosure is to portray the extraterrestrial reality in the least threatening way possible, but I think denying alien abduction contact is factually wrong and a mistake. I wish I could say I also thought he was wrong about DeLong and company, but I see the same dark clouds that he sees.


The official Disclosure narrative emerging from DeLong’s Disclosure Dudes is that UFOs/UAP are a national security threat that they’ve been building defenses against since the cold war. Back then it didn’t take long for those studying the phenomenon to realize that it couldn’t be the Russians or the Chinese or anyone else on Earth. According to DeLong, the generals, engineers, etc., who’ve been handling this threat for the military-industrial complex have made a heroic effort to fend off what could only be extraterrestrials, who’ve been tampering with our nuclear weapons systems.


Here’s the problem. This is obviously the military-industrial complex spin on Disclosure. George Knapp called it out on Coast to Coast AM in an interview with DeLong, whose denials were the weakest of weak tea. This is the spin that Greer’s been warning about. According to DeLong, “…if you really hear what I’m saying about the nuclear weapons, the UFOs were turning our weapons on, just so Russia could pick up that we’re firing our missiles and fire their’s first, it was a big chess game.”


UFOs were trying to trigger a nuclear war? That’s not what the guys who actually experienced the UFO incursions at our nuclear missile silos thought was going on at all. In fact, they thought quite the opposite. Original Disclosure Project witness, retired Air Force Captain Robert Salas, who was on duty down in a nuclear missile silo at Mamlstrom Air Force base in Montana back in the 1960s when one of the incidents occurred, testified that our nuclear weapons dropped offline when UFOs appeared over the base, making them unlaunchable, not the other way around.


Malmstrom was not an isolated incident. There were many others at other bases across the Midwest and they continue to occur to this day. So much so, that researcher Robert Hastings, who researched and documented nuclear close encounters in his book UFOs & Nukes, led a another Disclosure press conference in 2010, focused exclusively on nuclear weapons-related UFO activity, featuring 8 former Air Force personnel, including Salas, who witnessed such events.


In summing up the press conference, Hastings said, “I believe, these gentlemen believe, that this planet is being visited by beings from another world, who, for whatever reason, have taken an interest in the nuclear arms race, which began at the end of WWII. Regarding the missile shutdown incidents: my opinion, their opinion, is that whoever are aboard these craft are sending a signal to both Washington and Moscow, among others, that we are playing with fire, that the possession and threatened use of nuclear weapons, potentially threatens the human race and the integrity of the planetary environment.”


The reason that ETs have taken an interest in the nuclear arms race on Earth becomes readily apparent in the context of Post-Singularity Extraterrestrial Transmigration Migration hypothesis (PSETH). We are part of this civilization that is, and has been, populating the Cosmos. Unfortunately, something has gone profoundly wrong here on planet Earth. In Exopolitics, Alfred Webre wrote that we’re cursed with war, death, disease, poverty, etc., because of a catastrophic error that occurred in the course of our evolution. That ‘glitch’ has put us on the path to nuclear Armageddon, leading our ET benefactors to take corrective action.


There was one incident reported in Russia where nuclear missiles went into pre-launch when UFOs appeared, but if the intent was to trigger nuclear war, it didn’t work. After a few terrifying minutes for the Russians who were afraid of just that, the sequence aborted and the missiles went back to standby status.


I think what is going on is that the ET civilizations here that oversee earthly operations for the greater galactic civilization at large are telling us to get rid of our nukes and preparing to intervene in the case of an emergency. In fact, ETs told us point blank that we can destroy ourselves, but they’d stop us from destroying the planet, according to Disclosure Project witness Daniel Salter, former NRO operative with a Cosmic Top Secret clearance. What’s more, there’s evidence this ET policy is in force. Disclosure Project witness Robert Jacobs testified about his experience filming a ballistic missile test at Vandenberg Air Force base in 1964, which captured a disc-shaped UFO intercepting the missile travelling at 14,000 miles and hour, firing beams at the dummy warhead that knocked the missile out of space.


Webre’s context communication theory tells us that the appearance of a UFO over a nuclear missile silo concurrent with nuclear weapons dropping offline into no-go status is a clear message about the nukes. But it’s likely also preparations for an intervention should it become necessary. As former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer said recently, UFOs have catalogued every nuclear installation on Earth in case of an emergency. It would be useful to know how things work. Turning weapons on an off likely also served as a dry run to prevent nuclear Armageddon.


Whatever chess game DeLong is referring to is only being played by one side. There’s no parity between pre and post-Singularity civilizations, so there’s no game. What’s happening is ETs are enforcing their policy forbidding nuclear Armageddon. Whatever “defense” our noble heroes have crafted against UFO incursions at our nuclear weapons bases is just a temporary impediment. As Star Trek’s next generation Borg say: resistance is futile. A pre-Singularity civilization taking on a post-Singularity civilization is like 300 Spartans in Greece trying to beat back a fleet of Stealth Bombers.


I’m sure our best and brightest did indeed make a heroic effort to deal with whatever it was they thought they were dealing with. Who knows what they were told? I don’t know what the rules are in the “need-to-know” game, but I suspect there really aren’t any. I’d bet that sometimes what you need-to-know to do your job doesn’t necessarily need to be completely true. If the military-industrial complex wants you to build weapons against anti-gravity craft, maybe you’re told aliens are trying to get us to nuke ourselves? Who knows?


Back in the early days, they probably were really afraid of an alien invasion. DeLong’s briefers told him that it was during the height of the cold war when everyone was afraid that nuclear war could happen at any moment that we discovered there were ETs, presumably referring to Roswell. “We found a life form. And everything that we did and every decision that we made with that life form was because of the consciousness at that time,” said his briefer, according to Delong.


Well, it seems the “consciousness at that time” was quite disturbed. How could it not be? If you’re afraid of being vaporized in a nuclear blast at any moment and then you throw in ETs that can fly circles around your nuclear bombers on top of all that, seems to me your consciousness is bound to be beyond distressed. The policy of denial was likely inevitable. The decision to keep things quiet until we could figure out what was really going on was entirely reasonable. The way our UFO policy got going is completely understandable and it’s not that far from there to where we are now.


The thing is: we should know by now we need to change course. It’s obvious from studying both the universe at large through astronomy and the UFO phenomenon that we’re not dealing with alien invaders. We are part of a much more advanced civilization that is colonizing new planets as it spreads throughout the universe.


DeLong got himself this gig with a sales pitch about putting an end to the charade that the UFO cover-up has become. He correctly pointed out how his generation was no longer buying it. They had heard Edgar Mitchell – the sixth man to walk on the moon – say that Roswell really happened and UFOs and ETs were real. They have the Internet and cell phones and social media and they’re tired of the government’s line that it has no evidence that UFOs are real. As a result, they no longer wanted to work for the guys in the military-industrial complex who claim to be “skeptics,” they wanted to work for Elon Musk instead. Help me help you, DeLong successfully pitched the G-men, in ending the UFO cover-up.


DeLong was right when he told his new band mates that the original Majestic-12 plan to deny everything until the public had been acclimated to the reality of extraterrestrial visitors was grossly outdated. That time has come and gone. The cover-up will only become more and more untenable the closer we get to the Singularity.


There’s another outdated UFO operation that needs to be put out of it’s misery- the plan to false flag an ET attack. It should be clear by now that were not facing an ET invasion. Last century it was probably wise to build defenses against extraterrestrials because we didn’t know enough about them, but now that we’re close to our own Singularity we can understand what’s going on out there in the Universe. We should understand ETs have no need to invade a place they’ve been seeding with life. We should understand a pre-Singularity civilization can’t compete militarily with a post-Singularity civilization. It would not be wise to follow through with battle plans drawn up in the “consciousness at the time” when we really didn’t know what we were dealing with and we were half out our minds with fear.


Rather than go forward with a suicidal plan to engage a post-Singularity civilization militarily, we need to come up with a new plan. So here it is. Call it Operation UFO Reboot, because we need to reboot our UFO operations. First step is to take Scenario 13-D, or whatever they call their alien false flag operation, and throw it in the trash, then light the trash on fire. The next step is for the president to grant general amnesty for everyone involved in UFO operations. We need to make it as easy as possible for the people running secret UFO programs to stand down and come clean. The best way to do that is to take the threat of prosecution off the table. We have to look forward, not back. We need to shake their hands, pat them on the back, congratulate them and tell them we understand the tough decisions that had to be made and how we got here, but now we know better and we have to adapt to the new reality.


Sudden Disclosure could happen at any moment, making the need for amnesty urgent. Ironically, what may be the ultimate revelation may come about not as the result of any rational decision, but a crazy one. There are only days left in the Trump administration and the soon to be ex-president is melting down, having incited an armed insurrection at the Capitol, Trump has proved he’s capable of anything. There’s been some concern over the nuclear codes, but there’s another kind of bomb he can drop. Imagine this scenario: Trump could stick it to the Deep State by letting the UFO genie out of the bottle on his way out the White House door – he’s the first president to admit publicly to being briefed on UFOs and he’s on the record that he knows some interesting things about Roswell, for whatever that’s worth (not much, if anything at all) – but if he did it to be vindictive, it’s hard to imagine he would include UFO cover-up guys in the pardon umbrella along with his kids and all his “friends.”


If Trump goes nuclear and drops the UFO bomb it would be a huuuuuggggge public relations snafu for the incoming president, who would not only have to deal with the worst public relations crisis in human history, he’d have little choice but to issue blanket pardons for everyone involved, which would go a long way towards confirming the most absurd suspicions about the so-called Deep State alleged by Trump and believed by his throng.


It will be wild, but things could get even more wild if Trump doesn’t drop The Bomb. The last time there was a hiccup in the transition of power between administrations was the Bush/Gore “hanging chad” election debacle of 2000, which is said to have provided a window of opportunity for the 9/11 attacks. If the plan to false flag an ET attack that insiders keep warning Greer about is still on the table this might be the opportunity they’ve been waiting for to put the plan in motion. It would be pure madness, but that’s par for the course down here on planet Earth. The Commander in Cheat would no doubt mark it down as a birdie.


The plan to hoax an ET attack and spin Disclosure as just another excuse to build more weapons and continue the war for profit game until it ends in some kind of religious end times sounds like a plan drawn up in the “consciousness at that time.” It was also drawn up long before anyone understood the implications of the technological Singularity. In the light of the present day, that plan seems crazy stupid. Hey fellas, the crony capitalism game is almost over. The Pentagon racket is pointless after the Singularity in a post-economic world. So let’s put an end to the conspiracy theory nonsense, throw those old plans in the trash, end the cover-up with pardons for everyone and set about living in the new world.


*UPDATE* 2-5-2021

Well the really Big Crazy didn’t happen, thankfully. I think that would’ve been the ultimate clusterf***. Whew! It was long odds against, but Trump is such a loose cannon, you never know. Theoretically, he could still spill the beans any time he wants, but I doubt he’s got much to tell. I think he’s probably been briefed (to some degree) about the events that went public in 2017 in the New York Times, including the three UFO videos released by the Navy and authenticated by the Pentagon. That’s public. It would be bizarre for a sitting president not to be briefed about that. But Roswell? Majestic-12? Anything highly classified? I just can’t picture it.