Time’s almost up. Think of the classic scene in the alien invasion movie Independence Day where everyone runs for their lives as giant city-sized alien spacecraft hover above preparing to vaporize L.A., New York and Washington D.C. As our heroes flee the White House, crowding into Air Force One in a desperate attempt to escape, Jeff Goldblum watches a timer tick down until it hits zero.



In reality, it’s not like that at all, but we may still end up going quietly into the night nonetheless. No, we’re not facing alien invasion, not unless the cover-up crowd hoaxes one as Disclosure project founder Steve Greer has been warning about, but we are facing our own technological Singularity, which very well might blow-up in our face. Our timer has about five years left on it if Elon Musk’s most recent estimate is accurate.


Make no mistake – this is the end of the world as we know it – one way or the other. Period. It’s happening now in real time. Covid-19 is just the beginning. It has literally transformed civilization overnight. The light flip switch to remote work saved a lot of gas and caused the price of oil to crash to zero and then some. They couldn’t give it away. Around the world, there were oil tankers floating in circles. They had to pay someone to take the oil off their hands. The economy tanked and much of the non-essential workforce got displaced. Now ‘stimmy’ checks are a thing.


Even as oil demand has recovered in the wake of covid-19 mitigation efforts, the world will never be the same, even after the pandemic is over. Things will never go back to the way they were, whether it’s remote work, zoom meetings or the economy itself. The world ahead will feature much more disruption to our way of life as automation and artificial intelligence become ubiquitous. It’s happening right now. And not just to blue collar jobs. The bots have started coming for the white collar jobs as well. The rug is about to be pulled out from under quite a few feet and most don’t see it coming.


At the same time, the climate crisis is worsening, making natural disasters bigger, more destructive, and more frequent. Polar ice continues to break off in state-size icebergs and the sea levels rise unabated, yet, a large portion of the population not only doesn’t acknowledge the climate emergency, they deny it’s happening. In doing so, they thumb their collective nose at science even as the foundation of the world they inhabit is built upon it.


What’s even worse is that this sizable chunk of chuckleheads look to the past as a roadmap to the future, which is sort of like driving with your eyes glued to the rearview mirror. It’s often been said that we’re always fighting the last war. These people want to fight one a lot further back than that. I keep seeing references to 1776 and 1861 as if we’re about to relive the revolutionary war or the civil war here in the 21st century. That’s just plain crazy, but crazy is par for the course these days. You may not like government, but even if your dislike were justified, the circumstances are completely different. Despite what the previous president said, there were no airports to secure during the revolutionary war. You can’t just grab your musket, er, I mean AR-15, and march on the Capitol waving the confederate flag. I hate to say it, but I really get the feeling that some people would like to return to a time before abolition, as if that’s even possible (never mind morality) in today’s profit-driven corporatocracy. You might as well try to defy gravity and self-rapture. Your odds of success would be better.


I know the Capitol-sacking crowd will not believe me, but it’s pointless to attempt another civil war. The world as we know it is coming to an end regardless. Things will change in ways that most people can’t imagine and an armed insurrection can’t possibly stop.


The Capitol-sackers may very well get a war, but it’s not the war they want or would probably ever expect. If the far right wing attempts to turn the culture war promoted by the TV people into an actual civil war – and they’ve said they’re in a civil war already; the shooting just hasn’t started yet – they’ll find out pretty quick it’s not 1861. Civil war would be very bad for the bottom line. Big Business would never tolerate it. The little band of rebels playing Star Wars (it’s just a movie!) will quickly realize their AR-15’s are just pop guns when up against military drones, Apache helicopters, Hellfire missiles, etc.


There’ll be no second civil war, but if the anti-ET/UFO cover-up crowd decides the time is now, the capitol rioters may still get to play Star Wars after all. What better way to defuse the toxic culture war than to reunite the country against a common enemy? Especially one from outside the Earth as Reagan famously teased all those years ago before the United Nations. There may not be a better time if the plan for official Disclosure is to culminate with an ET false flag attack. The xenophobic crowd will be all over it. Independence Day for real. You know, go kick some alien butt and all that. I mean, if they want a border wall to keep those other people out you know how they’re going to feel about little bug-eyed, gray aliens, especially after they’ve been framed as attacking invaders.


If it sounds insane, that’s because it is. The possibility that anyone would interpret UFO phenomena here in the 21st century in biblical terms – a few hundred years after the era of enlightenment – seems totally whacked, but that is exactly what Disclosure project leader Steve Greer says is what’s happening at the highest levels within the military-industrial complex’s secret UFO program. To have people in charge who believe they’re fighting a holy war in the heavens against the Ultimate Bogeyman, now, here on the eve of our own local Singularity – is mind-numbing.


I think if they pull the trigger on this ET false flag op we’re not going to make it. It’s something Whitley Strieber and I talked about on Dreamland. There’s a sense of urgency that time is short. The new world is almost upon us. AI will soon blow past human intelligence. If we survive the Singularity, we’ll essentially become a new species. Technology will connect us all with wireless mind-to-mind communication and make everyone as smart as Einstein. The post-Singularity world is the world that ETs inhabit. If we can navigate the Singularity, we’ll be born into that world.


I wish I could say I’m optimistic, but I’d be lying. It feels like things are falling apart as we race towards the day the bots surpass us. Daily mass shootings have become the new normal here in the country of exceptional people. Militarized police act more and more like the Terminator, using deadly force at the slightest provocation. The climate crisis continues to distort the weather, disrupting daily life like it did recently in Texas when a winter storm basically shut the whole state down for a week.


A recent intelligence report made by the National Intelligence Council paints a pretty bleak picture where all this is headed. The report says the pandemic has given us a preview of the disruption the climate crisis will cause, which may result in “global food shortages that spawn mass violence.” What’s more, intelligence analysts foresee a world in a state of increasing political, cultural and economic fragmentation, which will exacerbate cascading crises. The report does note that artificial intelligence may provide a way out.


The AI-bots will inherit this mess. The real question is: will they simply clean it up for us or will they address the root cause? Instead of becoming a new post-Singularity species, will we suffer the Terminator scenario? If we merge with this technology as Kurzweil suggests, will we become the Terminators? Will we find ourselves in some sort of high-tech, George Romero-style, zombie apocalypse? When Whitley and I talked about this possibility he put it this way: “will we be born dead?” Exactly. That’s the real question. Will humanity be stillborn?


No one knows, but it’s awfully late in the game. Hysteria over the simple use of a mask as a public health measure during a once in a hundred years pandemic is very troubling. Senseless mass murder on a daily basis is deeply disturbing. An anti-science movement at this point in history is a very bad sign. A terribly misguided insurrection is a very bad sign. To me it doesn’t feel as if we’re a species about to be born into a new world. It feels more like we’re a species hell-bent on self-destruction. This is, of course, a big part of the message we’ve received through the abduction/contact phenomenon: that we’re killing ourselves. The possibility that someone in command who believes Armageddon is a good thing plans to launch an alien false flag attack is absolutely horrifying.


In theory, the Singularity should be a corrective process. The thinking is that as we expand our capabilities by augmenting our natural biology with technology, the defect that occurred in the course of our evolution that makes us so self-destructive would be fixed. The secret known in certain illuminated circles is that mankind’s default state of consciousness is a light, trance-like state. We are not fully awake. We’re somnambulists, sleeping walking our way through history. We live in what could be called a waking dream as it relates to reality. We are like the Mad King of mythology who, after descending into madness, thinks the dungeon and scattered bones are the palace throne and crown jewels. We imagine our technological progress will make us the Masters of the Stars, when, in reality, we may very well cause our own extinction. As a whole, we say that Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, etc., are our role models, but, in reality, we’re really more like Donald Trump. If you think that’s hyperbole it’s not. One Midwest pastor recently made news for raising the red flag that many Christians “appear to idolize Donald Trump more than they worship Jesus.” I mean, I can’t think of anyone whose values are more opposite of Christ than Trump, but whatever.


I actually think maybe Superman, Spiderman, Batman and the Joker probably make a more appropriate metaphor in light of how the art of storytelling has “matured” in Hollywood over the years- but I digress.


Up until now technology hasn’t seemed to raise awareness all that much. We’ve never been as connected as we are, or had as much information at our fingertips, yet we’re more divided and fragmented as ever. Tribalism is increasing not decreasing as it becomes easier and easier to cherry-pick information that fits pre-existing beliefs. As a result, we appear farther away than ever from that all elusive kumbaya moment.


But there are signs the times may be ‘a changin.’ The George Floyd murder video that went viral on social media, sparked worldwide outrage, protests, and an unprecedented trial and conviction of a police officer. Without the video and a platform to share it with the world with a tap on a smartphone, none of it would’ve happened. The Minneapolis police department surely would’ve gotten away with their misleading press release, pinning Floyd’s death on “medical distress.” Instead, the world saw what really happened and it raised awareness globally, potentially igniting a paradigm shift in law enforcement. This is an example of the corrective component to the technological Singularity. It’s just the beginning. Like all post-Singularity technology, the potential is off the charts. Kurzweil says we’ll be able to manipulate our brain chemistry through nanotechnology so that anyone can have the spiritual experiences and insights of the Christ or the Buddha.


Yes, the post-Singularity world is hard to fathom. That’s one reason why interfacing with the ET presence is so challenging. If it’s difficult for me – someone who has one foot in it – then it’s going to be next to impossible for those who are completely unaware of this reality. I think when the smartphone chip implant arrives it will be the inflection point that starts to bring the new world into focus for most people. I also think that’s when the Left Behind people will get left behind. I can’t see the anti-science, anti-vaccine, anti-mask wearing crowd accepting a chip implant. It will be the Mark of the Beast to them. I think such superstition is ridiculous here at this point in history, but hey there’s still a handful of flat-earthers out there making noise about their “theory.”


I can only think of one scenario that would get the anti-science crowd to adopt such invasive technology: gun chip. If they find a way to turn a forearm into an AR-15 with an implant- that might do it. I think this group might even go full Terminator mode with thermal/night vision chip, etc., if they think they have to fight a war against evil alien invaders from Alpha Centauri, who are really Satan’s army.


No one knows how the Great Human Experiment on Planet Earth is going to turn out, but I’d bet it all hinges on how we handle Disclosure and whether or not they go-ahead with their insane alien false flag operation. I think if we get good faith Disclosure we’ll probably survive the Singularity and be born into a new world. If it’s business as usual in the military-industrial complex and they pitch us the evil alien narrative, I think we’re sleepwalking into the Singularity and we don’t make it. Guess we’ll see. It won’t be long.