Politics is a nasty business. It always has been. At least, here on pre-Singularity Earth anyway. We’re currently in the midst of a particularly disgusting episode. Maybe the most disgusting ever. Certainly, the scariest ever. This time around rationality itself is on the ballot.


That’s right. Here in the 21st century, on the brink of the technological Singularity, when artificial intelligence will soon exceed human intelligence – we have a significant faction of the electorate thumbing their nose at facts they don’t like and a president running against science. That’s insane. I’d have some respect for the anti-sciencers if they lived like the Amish or the Alaskan Bush People, but they don’t. They are happy to benefit from the fruits of science, riding around in their cars, flying across the country in jets and socializing on their smart phones, all the while dismissing covid-19 as “just the flu,” and climate change as a hoax. You don’t get to choose the science you like and ignore the science you don’t because you don’t get to pick and choose aspects of reality that you like and ignore others that you don’t. That’s deadly stupid. There are quite a few covid-19 deniers who have been killed by the virus.


There’ll be quite a few more (maybe all of us) if the covid-19/climate change deniers prevail in this election and I think it’s a real possibility. I have little faith in elections. When I was a teenager, Reagan was elected President. I had the same reaction that Doc Brown did in Back to the Future. Ronald Reagan? The actor?!! The year before I had done a project for a high school class on the type of person who should be President. I didn’t have much of a sense of right or left politics back then. To my young, naïve mind, a president should be the smartest guy there is, someone who has a professorial understanding of science, which would enable him/her to be the visionary we need to lead us into the future.


My guy was Isaac Asimov. Not that he was running. He wasn’t. But he was the kind of person I thought we needed. I designed a postage stamp with his image and the question: Should our next president be a scientist? Asimov was sort of the Carl Sagan before Sagan. He was a biochemistry professor, who became famous for his science fiction and popular science works. He wrote the greatest science fiction series of all time, the Foundation series, which was about the fall of a great, galactic empire, followed by a period of feudalism and the rise of a second great, galactic empire. It was the literary equivalent of Star Wars.  Like I said, he was my guy. I thought he had a real handle on politics and he was a scientific visionary. Sounded like the perfect choice to me.


Reagan? Not so much. An actor?!! An actor to lead us? A guy whose expertise is pretending to be something he’s not? Get real. What this said to me was that the government – at least the part that was public – wasn’t a serious operation. I got highly suspicious that the entire political process was a farce. I mean, if it can result in a president who is a fake, a phony, an actor reading his lines, then maybe the whole thing is fake, right? In retrospect, this was a joke, a slap in the face, coming on the heels of President Jimmy Carter, who’d been forced to break his promise to release the truth about UFOs when he was thwarted by then CIA Director George H. W. Bush.


It didn’t take long for Reagan to confirm my worst suspicions about his role (pun intended) in government. When asked by legendary reporter, Sam “Spock” Donaldson who was going to be in his cabinet Reagan said, “They haven’t told me yet.” Wait- what?!! Who’s they? Donaldson quipped back at Reagan, “Well, governor, you ought to see if you can’t get them to start telling you what’s going on.” That was Reagan, the actor, as President-elect, waiting for his producers to get him the script. I was disillusioned. I never took politics too seriously after Reagan.


Who “they” are is the subject for another post. If I were to imagine the ideal candidate today it wouldn’t be as easy as finding an Asimov analogue like Michio Kaku (I don’t think he’d want the job) or Neil DeGrasse Tyson (certainly not him. Ugh barf). It would have to be someone running on a Disclosure ticket. Unfortunately, the time is now and it isn’t happening. If Elon Musk is right that AI will surpass human intelligence in about 5 years, we might only get one more shot at it.


A Disclosure ticket will probably seem like a left wing utopian dream in the current political paradigm, but it’s not all bad news for right-wingers, who will experience unparalleled, glorious freedom like never before, even as capitalism inevitably fails.


Life is paradox.


General disclaimer: I am a political atheist. Our first president, George Washington, warned against political parties in his farewell address. Washington said loyalty to party over country would become a great danger to the nation that foreign powers could use to divide us. He was right and now here we are divided into red states and blue states, basically at war with each other. What’s more, it’s obvious that a simple either/or ideological binary choice is entirely inadequate to deal with all the complexities of civilization.


Having said that, whatever your ideologies, preferences, etc., the collapse of the capitalist paradigm is unavoidable. To attempt to resist would be like trying to make water flow uphill. For example, Universal Basic Income (UBI), widely pooh-poohed as socialism in this country, is inevitable in a civilization fully automated by AI Bots. When the best man for the job will always be an AI Bot running on renewable free energy that never needs to sleep there won’t be any jobs for flesh and blood people. The upside is you won’t need to work. I mean – you can if you want – but you won’t have to because the bots will do everything. Like the great and powerful Woz says, you’ll get to live like your pets.


Dot-com and start-up entrepreneur Andrew Yang was the most forward thinking of all the candidates who ran this cycle because he sees where tech is taking us. That’s why his economic policy included UBI. President Yang would’ve made perfect sense here in these very late pre-Singularity days when the president has to be something other than an entertainer. But making sense is not something this human race does much so we’re not going to get that.



A Disclosure ticket would also make reversing climate change and repairing the damage to the biosphere a top priority. The Green New Deal would be just a beginning.


This is where things get really weird for most people.


The ET presence has made it clear through the abduction/experiencer phenomenon that we’d have to clean up our act here on planet Earth before we’re able to establish meaningful diplomatic relations with the greater Galaxy at large. It would mean the end of the fossil fuel era. Accordingly, the Disclosure ticket would include a long term policy goal to prove we can be responsible stewards of our own planetary ecosystem so that we are granted license to develop a new world in the ever expanding universal civilization and participate in the post-Singularity expansion occurring in perpetuity throughout the Universe.


And if that isn’t challenging enough for Joe/Josie Sixpack, there’s more…


A Disclosure candidate would have to have a plan for contact after the AI Singularity that is right now very close at hand. Google’s Kurzweil has said that it’s possible that extraterrestrials that had already been through the Singularity phase of their evolution would wait for us to get there before they made open contact. If he’s right – and he may very well be – that is only one more election away. Yikes.


So it looks like there’s going to be one last chance for a candidate to run on a Disclosure platform. What we need is a Jimmy Carter on steroids, not the current guy. The real Jimmy Carter is still with us at 96 years of age, but I don’t think steroids would be enough for him at this point. He would need to survive the Singularity and have a little anti-aging augmentation done to make another run for president. Doesn’t seem too likely.


And here’s where things get even more extremely weird…


We could still elect a virtual President Jimmy Carter someday after the Singularity, even after the real Jimmy Carter is long gone, cold in his grave. According to Kurzweil, the next sexual revolution will be virtual, resulting in artificial people, who will eventually have their own emancipation proclamation and be granted full human rights once Congress passes a Nonbiological Persons Act that he estimates will happen about mid century. Presumably, such a nonbiological person would then be eligible to run for president.


That date would be too far out for our hypothetical AI Jimmy Carter to be the Disclosure president, but we will eventually have the opportunity to elect a virtual commander and chief. In fact, it’s possible that someday presidential candidates will be designed by AI programmers. You could see an election pitting an old-fashioned flesh and blood cyborg with AI augmentation against a purely virtual candidate. Unlike our current elections, there would be no doubt about the winner. In post-Singularity elections, voting will be done by MindMail, there will be 100 percent participation and everyone will be able to verify the result through Bitcoin/Blockchain technology. A future VR Trump-like candidate will not be able to allege voter fraud and blockchain will make the system invulnerable to hackers.


It will probably be the first time in history we have a real democracy.


It seems far out there- but, believe it or not, it’s not far off.

Well, now we have crisis on top of crisis. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, we now have civil unrest thanks to a series of senseless murders committed by police. It’s pathetic that nine years out from the Singularity we’re still so primitive that we need a movement to say that Black Lives Matter. It’s also a very ominous sign.


The danger is that our local Singularity here on Earth will result in the terminator scenario. Instead of reaching for the stars, our AI robots will reach for their guns- and that’s a fight we’re not going to win. Unfortunately, it seems like we’re well on our way down that path. The military is the leading AI developer in the world. We already have remote controlled drones that bomb foreign enemies. It’s only a matter of time until AI replaces Joystick Jimmy and humans are out of the loop.


Maybe the cops themselves will become terminators? It sure seems like they’re going in that direction. After 9/11 (the gift that just keeps on giving for the military-industrial complex), police in the US were militarized with armored vehicles, assault rifles, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, tear gas and SWAT teams. Instead of guardians of the peace who protect and serve, we now have the Warrior Cop, ready to blast down your door, guns a blazing. At least after the cops get their Borg-like AI implant (mixing science fiction metaphors, I know) they’ll be less likely break into the wrong house.


If we’re going to avoid the terminator scenario we’re going to have to somehow overcome the catastrophic error that occurred in the course of our evolution written about by Alfred Webre in Exopolitics that has led to the crisis at the heart of all our crises- the crisis of consciousness. “It is no accident that humans are cursed with war, violence, poverty, ignorance and death. The violence of the 20th century would not have occurred on a normal life-bearing planet that had not experienced such an evolutionary disaster,” wrote Webre about the defect in our development, which he described as a ‘rebellion’ against Universe society.


The information we have about this catastrophe was acquired via a military intelligence gathering technique known as Remote Viewing. It’s essentially scientifically developed psychic data and it’s not an exact science. Remote viewers have had some spectacular successes, but also some monumental misses. It’s gray basket material that needs corroboration. I’ve included it in my work because there’s some corroboration in the accounts of close encounter experiencers and it fits the model on post-Singularity cosmic expansion.


Another issue with remote viewing data about the post-Singularity world is that it may be difficult or impossible for the pre-Singularity mind to understand. For instance, the ‘rebellion’ may be a metaphor for some unfathomable AI error in our programming that’s impossible to explain to us. Something that would cause us to build terminators instead of von Neumann probes. Something akin to the Fermi paradox theorist’s grey goo scenario in which out-of-control self-replicating carbon nanobots turn the entire biosphere into a sea of self-replicating carbon nanobots, putting an end to life on Earth.


I don’t know if the so-called rebellion that led to our downward spiral was like some sort of carbon nanobot computer glitch or not, but we seem to be doing a pretty bang-up job of destroying the biosphere. So things aren’t looking good right now. If Vegas took bets on the whole thing I’d have to put my money on the terminator scenario, but I still have hope. The Singularity is a corrective process and it’s happening right now. In less than a decade, according to Ray Kurzweil, AI will surpass human intelligence, but it’s not like there’s a switch that’s going to flip. We’re on the event horizon right now and we’re getting sucked in. You’re already a cyborg, as Elon Musk said recently, if you lose your smart phone you feel like you’ve lost a limb. If your wi-fi goes down so do you, for the most part.


The technological Singularity will raise consciousness like no other force in history. Afterwards, everyone will be as smart as Einstein and will have access to the spiritual and mystical experiences of Buddha, Brahma, Christ, etc. That will certainly be a quantum leap in consciousness when it happens, but we can see how technology is raising consciousness right now. The George Floyd murder triggered a global response. Everyone in the world got to watch in horror as a man was murdered for no reason over an agonizing eight and a half minutes. It was absolutely horrific. Thanks to the smart phone and the Internet, the incident has raised consciousness globally. That’s a good thing, but let’s hope the trend towards higher consciousness continues without another gruesome act.


It’s been said that the inhumanity of man toward man is our greatest sin. Maybe this is the beginning of the end of all that? Maybe this movement to change policing is the first step away from the terminator scenario? We can only hope. Godspeed to the movement. Black Lives Matter might just save us all.

After dismissing UFOs as nonsense for more than seventy years, The New York Times, Washington Post and the rest of the establishment media are suddenly reversing course, reporting that UFOs are, in fact… you know… real.


The trend began on December 16, 2017 when the media reported on a Navy pilot’s close encounter with a UFO in 2004 during a training mission over the Pacific Ocean. The pilot, now retired Commander David Fravor, told the WAPO that the object – which has become known as the tic-tac UFO because of its resemblance to the well-known breath freshener – was “40 feet long with no wings, just hanging close to the water.” Fravor attempted an intercept, but the craft left him in the dust. “It had no plumes, wings or rotors and outran our F-18s,” said the former fighter pilot, who told the Times he had no idea what he saw, but would like to fly one. The media reported the story straight up. No snickering. No quips about little green men and no condescending “conspiracy theory” ridicule. To be fair, no speculation about ETs either, or what it might mean… But this happened- Boom!


The establishment media’s sudden flip-flop from dismissive to sober coverage is a sure sign that the ultimate paradigm shift is now underway. In the past, pilots couldn’t talk about their UFO sightings. Military regulation JANAP 146(b) (Joint Army Navy Air Force Publication) made it illegal for pilots to discuss UFO sightings deemed a threat to national security punishable under the espionage act of 1934 by 1-10 years in prison or a ten thousand dollar fine. If that wasn’t enough of a deterrent, any pilot who dared buck the system faced career-ending ridicule no matter his Top Gun status. “We even have to discredit our own pilots. It’s a raw deal,” said Blue Book head Capt. Ed Ruppelt about the official policy, back in the day. Many a hero, like WWII fighter pilot Captain Thomas Mantell, fell victim to the policy.


Apparently, it’s a new day. The Pentagon didn’t smear Fravor like it did his peers during the early stages of UFO denial; instead it supported his claims by releasing video to the public- video that had been scrutinized by a secret Pentagon program sponsored by the former Senate majority leader Harry Reed, to study UFOs, or UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) as they have been rebranded.


For Joe Six Pack, this may or may not have been interesting news. For the UFO community this was nothing less than a world-changing paradigm shift. The Pentagon, the government, and specifically, the Air Force, have insisted that UFOs are nothing of significance since 1968, after over twenty years of official investigation. All of a sudden – hey, they’re real, and it may mean something – stay tuned. Just like that decades and decades of denial came to an end. Well, almost.


But then the circus started up again and the looney-tune stories that spring from/or play well in our clown culture returned to the airwaves: Reality TV Game Show Host becomes PresidentDeceased Brothel Owner Wins Election to State Senate Despite Being, Well, You Know, DeadPatriots Win Another Super Bowl Prince Harry Gets Married Kardashians Do Whatever It Is Kardashians Do, etc. The circus carried on as usual until May 27, 2019 when the Times reported that Navy pilots attached to the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt encountered unexplained objects during training missions off the east coast:


The strange objects, one of them like a spinning top moving against the wind, appeared almost daily from the summer of 2014 to March 2015, high in the skies over the East coast. Navy pilots reported to their superiors that the objects had no visible engine or infrared exhaust plumes but that they could reach 30,000 feet and hypersonic speeds.


The Times, Washington Post, etc., made sure to note that the Department of Defense was not saying the objects were extraterrestrial. Nor were they saying they weren’t. According to the Pentagon, these vehicles could be the technology of a terrestrial foreign power, which would be a big problem, because they fly circles around our most advanced fighter jets.


And so UFO Disclosure, which happened unofficially almost 20 years ago on May 9, 2001, with the Disclosure Project press conference at the National Press Club led by Dr. Steven Greer, is now going mainstream. The public is now being treated to a reenactment of the 1948 Project Sign Estimate of the Situation.


Way back when, military personnel tasked with investigating UFOs realized the phenomenon had to be interplanetary relatively quickly despite being out of the loop about Roswell. Secret technology, either foreign or domestic, didn’t make sense. The U.S. military wouldn’t put the public at risk by testing such technology over populated areas. What’s more, if you want to keep something secret you need a remote testing site. Think Area 51. Other countries also wouldn’t risk their secret weapons over foreign territory where it could fall into enemy hands.


Simple logic argued against an earthly explanation, but it was the objects themselves that drove the final conclusions. Back then, it was even more obvious than it is today that objects lacking any visible propulsion system, zipping about at hypersonic speeds, leaving our fastest propeller-driven puddlejumpers in the dust, could not come from any nation on Earth. Even in today’s high tech world the strange craft are far beyond us. Back then it was so far over the Moon that Air Force Chief of Staff, Hoyt Vandenberg, an MJ12 member, could get away with flatly rejecting the Estimate. Copies were allegedly burned.


Back here in the future, the case for the ETH will be made on TV. The Times article noted that the eyewitness accounts of Lt. Graves and fellow pilot Lt. Danny Accoin would appear in a documentary series set to air on the History channel called Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation. It was here that the replay of the 1948 Estimate of the Situation played out.


The six-part series left a lot to unpack. More than I can cover in this initial post. The series documents an ongoing UFO investigation led by Luis Elizondo, former head of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. AATIP is the secret program sponsored by former Senate majority leader Harry Reed that documented and investigated the ‘Tic-Tac’ UFO incident reported by Lt. Commander David Fravor. According to Elizondo, AATIP was able to use radar data, video footage and eyewitness accounts to establish the reality of UAPs, but was unable to get the department of defense to respond accordingly. Bryan Bender, national security correspondent for Politico, who appears in the series, explained that the issue is Kryptonite to the national security establishment, which led Elizondo to take the effort public.


Several former intelligence officials joined Elizondo’s new UFO investigation, including former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Chris Mellon, former director of Advanced Systems Development at Lockheed Martin Skunkworks division, Steve Justice and physicist Hal Puthoff, a Disclosure Project witness.


Elizondo’s team interviewed Navy pilots involved in both the 2004 Nimitz incident and the more recent Roosevelt encounters including Ryan Graves, Danny Aucoin, David Fravor and his wingman, whose identity was kept secret. The team also analyzed video of the incidents – released by the Navy – and the stage was set for a public reenactment of the Project Sign Estimate. Mellon, Justice and company debated whether these UAPs could be foreign technology or perhaps secret domestic technology or whether, gulp, this is something else altogether. As before it all boils down to the objects themselves. “We have helicopters that can hover… We have aircraft that can fly at 30,000 feet and right at the surface… combine all that in one vehicle of some type with no jet engine and no exhaust plume,” said Navy pilot Lt. Ryan Graves when asked to speculate what they were. “These things that we’re seeing: they don’t have wings; they don’t have tails; they don’t really have any cockpits that we can see. They don’t have anything that we would normally associate with a traditional aircraft,” said Elizondo in a discussion with Justice, who said, “We can create systems that do pieces of each of these and not a single system that does all of these.”


Elizondo arrived at the same conclusions low-level Air Force investigators came to not long after the modern UFO era began with the Kenneth Arnold sighting in 1947. “Here’s the bottom line. There’s three options. It’s a foreign technology. The second option is it’s our technology. Something that we have managed to keep under wraps for a super long time. The third option is that this is something else. Where does that leave us?”


The implications were just the same as they were way back in 1948, over half a century ago, although Elizondo and company seemed reluctant to state it outright, leaving it to investigative journalist George Knapp, who said, “The day will come when this occurs to you that it’s real- that there’s some other intelligence here- that it’s far more advanced than us- that it could do whatever it wants to us and we’d be powerless against it.”


And therein lies the key to understanding how official, mainstream Disclosure will unfold- through the lens of national security. Ever since the bogus Condon report gave it the pretext it needed, the Air force has claimed that UFOs are nothing more than mistakes, misidentifications and hoaxes and are not a threat to national security. Those days are clearly over. The Navy has admitted they’re real, set up a new protocol for reporting UFOs and allowed its pilots, both recently retired and active duty, to talk about their encounters with members of congress and the media. It has released video evidence of the incidents showing UFOs, or ahem, UAPs, and the DoD has admitted the videos are the real deal. The times, as they say, are a changing.


The modern debate about UFOs led to an interesting twist on an old question. Even though UAPs clearly fall into the category of “something else,” foreign technology is still a threat. UFOs have been around for a long time. Someone else could’ve figured out how they work by now. Knapp summed it up best. “This technology is for all intents and purposes magic. So you know we would like to get it. Whoever cracks the code and figures this stuff out first would have a tremendous advantage over our other adversaries.”


This storyline that our enemies may have figured out how these things work and could now have a huge technological edge over us reveals America’s new UFO investigation to be, at least at this point,  a modified limited hangout. It’s a Watergate era intelligence strategy to release a partial admission of the truth with some added spin or misinformation that leads the target audience away from the higher, much more important truth. In this case, the partial truth is that UFOs/UAPs are real. The misinformation is that we’ve been ignoring this all long and the higher truth is that we’ve already got this technology. According to Disclosure Project witnesses, it’s locked up in black budget programs called Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAPs).


We also know they’re ET. That’s the new open secret. At least it is until America’s new UFO investigation gets there. They appear headed in that direction. Aerospace engineer Bob Bigelow, who got involved with the Pentagon’s secret program at the request of Harry Reed, is already there. In an interview, Chris Mellon asked Reed about a recent statement that Bigelow made on national TV that ETs are here. Reed said, “I feel it would be from a congressional standpoint it would affect my credibility if I started talking about everything I know.”


Reed’s statement suggests that congress isn’t yet ready to hear the truth. News flash: This is nothing new. Congress hasn’t wanted to deal with this situation from the get-go. No government does. As Corso explained in The Day After Roswell, the best way to deal with a problem that has no solution is to pretend the problem doesn’t exist. The military can’t do anything about UFOs that violate our airspace, so- no aliens; no problem. Inside America’s new UFO investigation actually makes this point in a segment featuring a meeting between Luis Elizondo and his Italian counterpart, Lt. Col. Clarbruno Vedruccio, special forces, Italian Navy. “So I know several information. But my government doesn’t want to know. Because if my government know… they must do something,” said Verdruccio to Elizondo.


And so here we are. At long last, the mainstream establishment media is finally copping to a secret the government doesn’t know how to deal with. What does this mean? The most obvious explanation is that it has no choice. It wouldn’t otherwise. I’ve written that the closer we get to the technological Singularity the less possible it is to hide this reality. Fear that someone else has cracked the code – which could actually be the catalyst that finally forces this issue out into the open, not because some other country has gained a tremendous advantage, but because they’ve finally caught up – is just one angle that fits that premise. There are others that make the natural sociological response of denial and cover-up unsustainable. That future is coming fast.


America’s new UFO investigation feels like a do-over, an attempt to reboot the process by going back to the beginning and following in the footsteps of the original investigators. The difference is this time the real findings will be allowed to come out. If this is the case then reprising the 1948 Estimate of the Situation is likely just the opening act. One would expect that Act Two might feature a re-do of the 1968 Condon study. They’ve already sort of done that with the three videos released by the DoD. That could be the foundation for a new scientific study that won’t be rigged to produce a pre-determined result like the Condon study was last time around. In 1968, Condon’s fake conclusions were used to put an end to the government’s Project Blue Book UFO investigation. This time unbiased conclusions will instead lead us to the 2001 Disclosure Project press conference at the National Press Club. This time witnesses like Navy fighter pilots David Fravor, Ryan Graves and Danny Aucoin will testify with the stamp of officialdom and the national media will actually have to engage the story. Fun times ahead.