For the first time in over 50 years, Congress is holding open hearings on UFOs. You may have actually caught some of it on TV, which is kind of amazing given the multiple crises dominating the news cycle these days.

The last hearings, held in 1968, weren’t really hearings. The ‘events’ were labeled a “UFO symposium,” and no criticism of the Air Force was allowed, which meant retired Major Donald Keyhoe, the first civilian UFO investigator, the founder of NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) could not submit evidence of an Air Force cover-up.Back then, the Air Force had so thoroughly mucked-up its public UFO investigation that it became a huge scandal. It all started with UFOs sightings in Michigan that the Air Force’s Project Blue Book astronomer J. Allen Hynek, explained away as “swamp gas.”

It was Hynek’s job to provide prosaic explanations for UFO sightings so the public wouldn’t get “too excited,” as he would later explain in a documentary at the end of his life. This particular Venus-type explanation backfired big time. It crossed the line of plausibility. It made headlines and before long the Air Force was forced to stage an “independent” investigation to mitigate the scandal.

The solution was to hire Edward Condon, a University of Colorado physicist in thrall to the national security state. Condon was charged with arranging a “scientific study” that would appear to be an objective search for the truth that would ultimately reach a negative conclusion that UFOs weren’t real, regardless of evidence.

We know this because some of the scientists working on the fake study found evidence that this was the case and made it public. Hence, the scandal, the subsequent fake hearings – sans criticism of the Air Force – and the fake conclusions that UFOs weren’t a thing the Air Force should be worried about.

Back then, the “hearings” were arranged around the policy of denial and the system of compartmented information used in military intelligence. This week’s hearings are much different. This week’s hearings are more about the collapse of plausible deniability. It’s simply not possible to maintain a UFO cover up in this day and age.

UFOs are real. The US government doesn’t dispute that fact any more. In effect, it has put the public in the same position that Project Grudge Air Force personnel tasked with investigating the UFO phenomenon were back in 1948.

They were cleared to know that UFOs were real, but not what they were. In the absence of any other logical explanation, they concluded that UFOs could only be extraterrestrial. Project Grudge is said to have issued a report entitled, ‘Estimate of the Situation,’ that stated this fact, but all copies were burned… And here we are in 2022 …