It’s been 22 years since Dr. Steven Greer held the first Disclosure Project press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC on May 9th, 2001. Greer made his triumphant return to the historic news venue last Monday to hold Disclosure Project 2.0.

Full Disclosure: I was part of the original Disclosure Project. After the press conference, Greer took some of his military-industrial complex witnesses on the road. Since I was based in Southern California and knew people in the film industry, I volunteered to have a film crew cover the August 4th, 2001 Disclosure Press conference in downtown L.A.

The plan was to use the footage as part of a documentary about the Disclosure Project, but our collaboration didn’t work out. Long story short- Greer didn’t like my rough cut short. We had a creative misunderstanding and some philosophical differences as well. We went our separate ways.

The documentary I had in mind morphed into my book, The Day After the Singularity: UFOs & the Great Technological Quantum Leap and Greer went on to make three documentaries and now a second DP press conference.

Watching Greer take the podium I couldn’t help but think how vindicated and empowered he must’ve felt this time around since the government admitted UFOs were real in 2017.

You’d think the news media would have to take him and the Disclosure Project much more seriously this time. You’d think. We’ll see I guess. So far- nothing. Multiple indictments of the former president, has to this point, grabbed all the headlines.

Whenever the dust settles – if it settles – it figures the nightly news is eventually going to serve up a helping of the Disclosure Project through its connection to the Pentagon’s new All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, created to investigate UFO/UAP. This was one of Greer’s biggest disclosures in a press conference filled with Big, Big disclosures.

The stories told by the new witnesses were as much about human, back-engineered alien technology, as they were about close encounters with extraterrestrials. At one point, Greer presented a slide show of examples of what he said were manmade ET-like craft juxtaposed with actual ET craft.

Another notable difference was that there were only 6 witnesses as opposed to the first DP press conference that featured over 20 witnesses, which made for a more streamlined presentation. The stories the witnesses told were as compelling as ever. The testimony was further enhanced by well-executed artist renderings, proving the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to close encounters that are difficult to envision.

There was a lot to unpack- too much for a blog post. I’ll be writing a lot about this event and it’s meaning in the greater context in my upcoming book, but I was struck by a couple things right off the bat.

As far as I could tell there were no major media covering the event. The questions from the press were difficult to hear and sometimes inaudible via the stream. The questions that could be heard came from boutique, small niche media, when they identified themselves.

One outlet I never heard of asked Greer about the secret program that uses back-engineered alien technology to shoot down and recover ET craft that numerous Disclosure Project witnesses have testified about and whether there had been any retaliation by the ETs.

In response Greer said that the ETs were exceedingly peaceful and had not “punched back,” but our technology is progressing to a point where we are becoming a threat to other planets, which will force them to intervene. Further, Greer said his sources thought this intervention would occur by 2026 if we didn’t reign in the illegal secret government that is becoming a threat to other worlds.

Greer’s warning brought the Ancient Alien theory about Noah’s Ark and the great flood to mind. Would the gods (ETs) cleanse the Earth once again and start over with alien/human hybrids? Anyone who read my first book will know this is one possible outcome for this experiment here on planet Earth.

The year 2026 is also significant. Futurist Ray Kurzweil estimates that we’ll hit the AI Singularity around 2029. What this says to me is that if we don’t clean up our act, we won’t be allowed to pass through the holy grail of computation- the technological Singularity.

As Einstein said- back to our caves.

So that’s one thing that struck me. Another was the very last question Greer answered, which was about the harvesting of genetic material by aliens- in other words, alien abduction. In my opinion, this is Greer’s Achilles heel.

Greer claims that there is no such thing as alien abduction; that all such cases are hoaxed by the illegal secret government in order to demonize the ETs as enemies that we need to build weapons against. My problem with this assertion is that it is contradicted by much of the evidence.

I’m not in his head and I don’t know him well, but I think I understand where he’s coming from. The ET presence is – in the final analysis, benevolent – but the abduction stuff – which I think is mischaracterized and should more accurately be called “interaction” – is a difficult sell when it comes to benevolence.

It’s too complex and nuanced a situation to explain that the interaction is, in reality, a collaboration of related species that is just plain beyond most people’s ability to process. I think from that perspective, it’s better to blame it all on the MJ12 crowd and sort it out later… and maybe there’s some merit to that, but there’s no way it’s all government spooks.

To believe that it’s all a government-funded hoax would be to ignore a lot of very significant evidence, including the research of the late Harvard psychologist, Dr. John Mack and others like him. It would mean writing off such cases like Betty and Barney Hill and the most vetted case of alien interaction ever studied- the Betty Andreasson affair.

What’s more, there’s just too many abductees, experiencers, or whatever you want to call them. We’re talking millions in the US and maybe a hundred million worldwide (Gallup). No government program could possibly fund that.

It was my most fundamental disagreement with Dr. Steven Greer. The Truth is The Truth. Once you begin shading it you go down a slippery slope. Sometimes you have to just have some faith and let it rip… but I understand where he’s coming from.

And I still admire the man.