Real UFO Disclosure May Be Impossible Until…

Congress just passed a UFO Disclosure bill, but don’t expect that The Big News is coming anytime soon- after the next commercial break- or the next one- or the next one…. While mandating that information on publicly known UFO sightings must be disclosed, language was inserted into the bill that, nevertheless, authorizes the government to censor information it deems a threat to national security- you know, like the ultimate truth that real UFOs are not just extraterrestrial, they’re a sign that the Universe is a much different place than we assumed it was.

The republican-led House gutted the bill drawn-up by the Schumer-led Senate. “What we’re witnessing right now is, quite frankly, the greatest legislative failure in American history,” said whistleblower David Grusch, the former Air Force intelligence officer who testified before congress earlier this year. Grusch praised the Senate for the proposed legislation, but scolded the House as a “total failure.”

Even if the Senate Bill hadn’t been hacked to death by house republicans, I doubt they’d let that Genie out of the bottle, despite the law. At least, not before the technological Singularity, which isn’t far off.

There’s such a chasm between pre-Singularity civilization and post-Singularity civilization that real UFO Disclosure may cause more problems than it solves in the short term. The recent attempt by congress to legislate a UAP/UFO timeline for disclosure is a primary example:

“It is unlikely the U.S. Government nor any other government that has UAP-related research programs knows exactly how to selectively release information on UAPs,’ said Jim Semivan, a “retired” (quotes are mine) CIA intelligence officer and co-founder of Tom DeLonge’s Too The Stars Academy, who added, “You can’t just say, ‘UAPs are real and we are not alone;’ the questions would never stop… the people would demand more information. It is all or nothing.”

CIA spook or not, Semivan isn’t wrong. Admitting that UFOs are extraterrestrial is just the beginning of the story- not the end. It may very well open up a can of worms, especially if it turns out, for example, that former Russian President Dmitri Medvedev wasn’t kidding back in 2012 when he told a reporter off camera that aliens (extraterrestrials) live here among us and if word got out how many there were it might cause a panic.

It’s a safe bet that the government’s latest “attempt” at UFO investigation is not going to confirm Medvedev’s “leak” any time soon, especially after the gutting of the UAP Disclosure Act.

Then there’s the contact problem. Once the government officially admits there are extraterrestrial civilizations interacting with Earth there will be political pressure to establish contact. What if that isn’t possible?

Harvard Professor Avi Loeb thinks ETs may be waiting for us to develop Artificial Intelligence before they make contact. “If they visit us, of course, we can use our AI systems to interpret their AI systems. And, you know, they might feel a kinship to them,” said Loeb recently.

Loeb’s comments are interesting for a number of reasons, but he’s a newbie to the ET/UFO/UAP subject, having only become involved following the discovery of the interstellar object Oumuamua, which he believes is likely an extraterrestrial spacecraft on a reconnaissance mission. He seems unaware that there is ample evidence that ETs have been present on Earth throughout human history.

Regardless of his ignorance about Human/UFO/ET legacy, Loeb is likely right that the development of AI is the key to interfacing with extraterrestrial civilizations. As I wrote in my book, The Day After the Singularity: UFOs & the Great Technological Quantum Leap, an older, much more advanced extraterrestrial civilization will have passed through the technological Singularity and developed AI long ago.

Once we pass through our own local Singularity and AI becomes the driver of technological innovation, we’ll be on par with extraterrestrial civilizations, making open contact and interaction much more feasible.

On Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland podcast, Whitley and I talked about the possibility that even though ETs appear to be flesh and blood, what we’re really dealing with is AI. If that’s the case then they may very well be waiting for us to join the club. If that’s true, open contact may be functionally impossible until… after we develop AI and successfully navigate the technological Singularity.

Stay tuned…