This is an actual (NASA) image of the recent April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse that bisected the United States, that I have embellished with background stars, photoshopped in to match eyewitness descriptions from the field of totality- I couldn’t find an actual shot with stars, but you get the picture. (Pun intended. SSL)

The recent Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024, is The Sign Of The Times, but the mainstream media/establishment failed to see it for what it really is – yet again – which is not a surprise.

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RIP Big Bang Theory

I was excited when I saw the news that the James Webb Space Telescope had tossed another monkey wrench into the machinery of mainstream astronomy. I am not an astrophysicist, but when I saw the LiveScience report that the JWST just proved to Nobel Prize-winning physicist Adam Riess, “the real and exciting possibility that we have misunderstood the Universe,” I had a good idea what he was referring to- even if he couldn’t say the quiet part out loud. 

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